Somaliland to regulate health professionals

Hargeisa(SD)-Director General of the Ministry of Health Dr Mohamed Abdi Hagegeye, said they will investigate and verify the various pharmacies in the country.

“The care and protection of Public Health, the Environment and the Country, is our national duty, and our responsibility to the nation. Only GOD can protect it, But we, as the government, do our best, maintaining the health quality of the country is one that we need to uphold, we have deported foreign nationals as they did not meet doctors test or were even doctors as they were claiming.

Doctors who are not licensed health professionals can not operate in Somaliland. Our Health Care Commission (NHPC), has to license them or they are not able to operate in the country, be they citizens and non-citizens ”.

Speaking about pharmacist, he said “The pharmacies are as numerous as the other stores, we will investigate them as well and we will check the medicines they sell, and we will look verify their knowledge.”

There is a need for this check and balance from the Somaliland authorities, as health sector has enjoyed a free for all to the point were there are numerous  preventable deaths.

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