Somaliland Youth fleeing in droves to Mogadishu, in search of opportunities, why?

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland youth are seen more and more fleeing to Mogadishu, the seat of the Federal Government of Somalia, in search of a better life and employment opportunities.

Somaliland is finding it’s self more and more with a huge number of university graduates who do not see a prospect. 

These Youths, though they love their country Somaliland, see their counter parts getting ahead in life due to their clannish allegiances.

The Somaliland youth, who are let down, the most by their current government through their nepotism in awarding opportunities to their so-called “Jegan” supporters, find solace in going to the South.

The Youth going to Mogadishu risk loosing limp and life for these opportunities, they figure, that may be a better option then languishing in Somaliland, while they watch their school mates succeed through tribal connections, and is definitely better then making the perilous trip to Europe.

They are mind full of the limited resources and the Somali governments inability to provide all they need, but say, at least there is no visible nepotism there.

The Somali Federal Government is noticing the trend and is showing these youths off to the international Community and other Somalis, who of course held Somaliland at a high esteem, no more.

It’s normal for a young and unrecognized nation to struggle with youth employment, what is counter productive and upsetting is, to have a section of society think they are the rightful owners of public resources, through winning a heavily contested election.

Making mokery of the democratic asparations of the young nation, revoking the need for Tribally picked government, similar to Somalia’s government. 

It will be interesting to see were these “Jegan” behaviors land Somaliland’s hard fought freedom and Justice, given the recent 50 year commemoration of the 21st October revolution in Somalia.

It should be very obvious to Somalilanders, specially, president Muse Bihi who fought to topple Siad Bare’s dictatorial regime.


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