Somaliland’s central bank Governor accused of nepotism

The Somaliland Central Bank governor Ali Baghdadi has allegedly appointed one of his sons to an undisclosed position at the Central Bank.

In an interview with Hadhwanaag News, Abdi Shotaly, accused Ali Baghdadi of nepotism.

Abdi Shotaly, who previously wrote about Corruption in Somaliland, alleged that Baghdadi is empowered by the unchecked powers of the Kulmiye regime.

Shotaly an advocate for good governance regularly writes about corruption in Somaliland and specifically Baghdadi’s brazen disregard for corruption laws.

Abdi Shortly previously exposed the governor building a huge buildings in Hargeisa, allegedly with defrauded public funds months after his appointment.

The governor’s sons, from Canada were seen gallivanting in Hargeisa recently.

The central Bank Governor did not respond to the accusation, and the alleged appointment comes weeks later as a fellow cabinet member, the minister of Water resources appointed his son to a position at that ministry.

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