Somaliland’s Election commissioner refuses to step down, accuses resigned member of bribe

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the disputed Somaliland Election Commission Abdirashid Riyorac returning from a trip to South Africa this afternoon, said he would not resign.

He said he had been sworn into office and dismissed reports that the remaining five members of the Somaliland Election Commission should resign.

Riyorac’s announcement follows the announcement of the resignation of Hassan Duale as a member of the National Election Commission two days ago.

“No one resigns because of payment, we have a national responsibility, a national mandate and payments are very different. Today I am a commissioner. I have been sworn into office, and I am not going to resign,” he said.

Riyorac is blamed for partisan activities, as he was a well-known fulgor member of the Kulmiye ruling party member, the opposition parties are opposed to his appointment.

Somaliland election process is at a stand still due to Riyorac’s disapproval, and the president not willing to replace hm and his collogues.

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