Somalia blames Kenya for military and political intervention

Mogadishu (SD) – The federal government of Somalia has said it is disappointed by the political and security interference of the Kenyan government in Somalia, it is not good for the relations between the two countries and their peoples. and doesn’t help in finding a solution to the region’s problems, including counterterrorism efforts.

“According to international law, including the Security Council and the African Union, troops in Somalia, in the umbrella of AMISOM should not be used to interference in a political and disruptive intervention in Somalia,” the statement said.

The FGS added that it is always seeking for good relationship with its neighbors, respect, peace, and co-existence, and will not accept interference and disturbance, which is not in the best interests of the region and in the lives of its people.

The Federal Government of Somalia is believed to be responding to Kenyan interference in the Gedo region of Somalia. the region is under the jurisdiction of Jubaland admiration, which are packed by Kenyan troops.

The Kenyan Government didn’t yet respond to Somalia’s information ministry’s appeal to but out of its internal affairs.

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