Somaliland’s electoral commission Delays parliamentary elections for the fifth time

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland’s election commission says it will not hold parliamentary elections on December 12,2019 due to political and legal circumstances.

“As we can seen, rules for national elections to be held in the local and parliamentary elections are not yet available and the bill is still before the House of Representatives, the secondly, voter registration has not yet taken place, and thirdly, there are technical and legal circumstances obstructing the election, so it is clear that the election scheduled for December 12, 2019 will not happen”. said the chairman of the Somaliland election commission Mr. Abdikadir Iman.

This announcement comes days after the three official parties agreed to increase the number of members of the commission from seven to nine through parliament, parliamentarians apposed that motion for lack of other solutions to the election possibilities.

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