Somaliland’s Information Minister criticizes Wadani party leader

Hargeisa(SDN)-Somaliland’s Minister of Information Mohamed Muse Diriye has accused Waddani opposition party chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Ciro being linked to Colonel Said Awil Arre, who defected from the army.

“I am not telling you that you two are of the same tribe, but his rebel group are a branch of Wadani, I challenge you to join the peace efforts, all the elders, intellectuals are there, work with the government, I always congratulate Faisal Ali Warabe when he speaks, even though he criticizes the government when he wants, because he is always on the side of this nation. ” said the minister.

The minister’s accusations comes one day after the chairman of Wadani criticized the president of Somaliland of being  an aspiring dictator and not an honest partner in the Sanaag region peace efforts.

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