Somaliland’s Mediation Council: There will be no Case against Faisal Ali Warabe

Hargeisa (SD) – Sources close to the Somaliland mediation council have told somalidispatch.com that the Council was successful in mediations between President Bihi and Faisal Ali Warabe.

Local media have been reporting that President Bihi and his family were planning to file a case against the UCID Chairperson for allegedly defaming them.

UCID Chairperson have recently spoke about the President’s nepotism and pertanage appointments of his family members.

The independent mediation council is said to have convinced the president and his family to abstain from bringing the legal case forward.

The Mediation Council provided an out for the president and his family, given the pressure from the public and the subsequence potential flair up of violence if they would have went ahead with their case.

The UCID chairman received significant support from his Hargeisa base and from the larger Hargeisa constituency who are disappointed in Muse’s rule, and sought to showcase their objections to the case.

The Chairperson’s supporters who would have preferred taking to the street in protest then a mediation are now said to be upset.

The president and the UCID Chairperson both refused to comment on the issue in public.  

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