Somaliland’s Political Parties exposed

Hargeisa(SD)-The Wadani Foreign Secretary resigned yesterday with a rare the admission that the Somaliland’s political parties lack the courage and the knowhow of what it entails to be a viable force of change in the Country.

Faduma Said could easily be vying for Ilkacase’s seat in Kulmiye for all we know, however, no one denies the fact that in Somaliland, one just need to hate Kulmiye party to secure a position in the other two parties.

And to be a member of Kulmiye party, well, you just need to sell out your people.

On top of that, it’s easily recognizable that the political parties are run by their leaders, who do not seem to have leadership vision that works for everyone.

The leaders seem to be obsesed with catering to their tribal bases and on special interests, to the determent of the Nation.

One almost never asks when they last contributed anything other than funds to these parties, or if any of their nation building ideas were ever considered, let alone implemented.

The biggest and perhaps the worst culprit are the Somaliland Expats who do not generally get to vote, yet are financially propping up the opposition parties for tribal interests.

It’s the opposition parties role to crazies and present the nation with an alternative way of thinking and leading.

Yet, the opposition parties often plot and promise their constituents everything the incumbents currently have, empezeled funds .

Until they are exposed for what they are and not who their tribal affiliates are, Somaliland will remain the same, corrupt in governance and in ideas.




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