Somaliland’s Wadani Party couldn’t live up to it’s name

Hargeisa(SD)-UCID Chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe recently for the first time in a sure fire way had announced that Djibouti President and his government are the true enemy of Somaliland and it’s aspirations of Nationhood.

Somalilanders from MP’s to regular public came out in droves to support the Chairman, except the largest Somaliland opposition party Wadani, an epic fail to live up to it’s name.

Djibouti after an embarrassing failed response from it’s representative in Hargeisa, Mr. Kawale and his government, who couldn’t master a legitimate response, had to fall back on their old use a Somalilander to respond to Faisal technique, King Burmadow was met with a massive push back on his ridiculous response to the UCID Chairman.

 It’s a known fact that Djibouti meddles in Somaliland politics, but the Wadani silence is one the party will feel it’s affects for years to come.

The Wadani silence on Djibouti’s adversarial relationship with Somaliland is tantamount to political cowardice, with supporters notorious for looking the other way on their leaders shortcomings, it’s given they will choose party over Nationhood, again.

According to party insiders, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Djibouti was and is a biggest contributor of money to predominantly Chairman Ciro. 

It’s not clear how the Somaliland Government will react to the Djibouti Representative in Hargeisa, in the way he addressed Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe.

But what is clear is, Djibouti seems to have a noose on the two biggest political parties in Somaliland, and unfortunately one of them is in charged.


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