A Canadian accused of torturing Journalist in Somaliland could face Canadian courts

Toronto(SD)-A Canadian man in Hargeisa and serving as top Banker in Somaliland Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi has been accused of torturing local Journalist.

A Kangaroo court in Hargeisa ordered internet providers to block Hadhwanaag News website on September 03, 2019, after the news site published corruption allegations written by citizen journalist Abdi Shotali.

Subsequently, Mr. Baghdadi used his position in the Somaliland government in arresting  News Editor Abdiqani Abdillahi Ahmed (Asbaro) and Abdirisaq Goud Nur were arrested on 10 September 2019, while Abdirahman Sheikh Hassan was arrested on the night of 19 September 2019.

The three Journalist were tortured while in jail illegally, and sustained both physical and emotional injuries.

Sources close to the on going the case say that bring the torture allegations to Canada where Baghdadi can’t influence the courts is a real possibility.

Both International and National organization appealed to Somaliland in refraining from abuse of Journalist to no avail.

Somaliland’s Central Bank Governor, Ali Baghdadi, the alleged Canadian torturer   

The victims who are on a bail remain silent while Mr. Baghdadi can easily throw them back in jail.

In an email to CPJ, Ali Ibrahim, the central bank governor, called the corruption allegations against him “baseless.” In a statement emailed to CPJ.

This case comes to light at a time a lot of Somalilanders are talking about the conviction of Col. Tuke in the US, due to a recent Selfie with Farmajo.

In that complaint, brought by the California-based Center for Justice and Accountability, the Victim Farhan Warfa was granted visa to confront his tormentor in court.

One of Tuke’s victims Mr. Farhan Warfa with advocates from center for Justice and accountibility   

Similarly, the victims of Baghdadi’s reckless abuse of power are looking at following that precedent setting case in Virginia.

They’re relaying on the justice similarities of the US and Canada, unless of course, though he has family and properties in Toronto, Baghdadi is planning to permanently retire in Somaliland

Hadhwanaag News also did not want to comment on the ongoing matter.

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