Somalis and the Afar in Djibouti joining forces to depose the Guelleh government

Djibouti(SD)-At least 30 people have been injured in violence over the past 24 hours in the Djibouti city of Djibouti, according to opposition officials in Afar community.

The angry protesters were upset over the arrest of a two young social blogger from the Afar community, protesters were burning tires, police used heavy force against the protesters, while the protesters threw stones.

The Afar community have been widely publishing on social media photographs of people shot with bullets, although the Djiboutian government has not yet commented on this.

Similar clashes occurred in the cities of Tadjoura and Randa in Djibouti.

The young Afar men whose arrest caused the unrest all over Djibouti is called Kako Houmed Kako and Osman Yonis Bogoreh.

The Djibouti Somalis who have been marginalized by the ruling clan, see this as an opportunity to topple the Ismail Omar Guelleh government.

There is an organizing going on in the Somali parts of the country, the proposed plans are to join with the Afar people in their demonstrations.

The Djibouti opposition in side the country and around the world are urging all Djiboutian masses to join hands to depose the Guelleh regime.


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