Kenya: We have no problem with the Somali people but we have problems with the current administration

Nairobi(SD)-Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Macharia Kamau spoke to Citizen Television in Kenya on the maritime border dispute between Somalia and Kenya.

“” Of course there is a border dispute between us, but it is being pushed behind by the Somali leadership who has basically failed to appreciate or understand our relationship, “he said.

“Somalia is a country that we care for. Kenya has lost a lot of blood and money,” he added.

“The people of Somalia are not against us but the challenge we face is how the current administration interprets the border dispute between us.”

“We expect the issue to be resolved because we have no problem with the Somali people but we have a problem with the current administration,” Macahria Kamau said.

Macharia pointed out that in 2014, 2015 he was working to resolve the matter, adding that they were surprised when Somalia reported the case to the ICJ.

The court has postponed the trial for the second time, and in September postponed two months after Kenya requested the case be postponed for a year.

In a written statement, the court said it had decided to postpone the maritime case, and the court said it would finalize 12 June next year.

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