Sultan Omar calls out President Bihi’s Hypocrisy

Mogadishu (SD) – Sultan Omar Sultan Mohamed Farah, a prominent Somaliland traditional leader, spoke for the first time about the rift between the traditional elders and the president of Somaliland, Muse Bihi, regarding national unity.

Sultan Omar condemned President Bihi, saying the President’s words and his actions did not match, as he secretly met with the President of Somalia, at the same time told the Somaliland public negotiations with Somalia can only take place with the presence of the International community.

“People are skeptical of these two parallel visions, Mr. President, you have two options, either to insist on dark room meetings or keep your promise to the people, and I prefer that you keep your promise to the people ”. said the Sultan.

The Sultan also lamented that some of the traditional elders have crossed the line, calling for greater Somalia unity and wanting to be involved in the Somaliland-Somalia dialogue.

He added that there is no need for Somaliland to open talks with the federal government, as there are people from Somalia who are unworthy to discuss Somaliland’s issues, including Dr Badiow and Gulwade.

Somaliland’s traditional seem to have opposing views on talks between Somalia and Somaliland and their positions of Independence as well.

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