Tawfik and Af Barwaqo Traditional Elders finally sign peace agreement

Tawfik (SD)-Senior Somali military commanders led by the commander of the Somali National Army General Abdirashid Mohamed Dirir has succeeded in stopping a bloody war between two clan militias that took place in Towofiq and Af Barwaqo districts in Mudug region.

Officials, also the commander of the 21st Division, who have been working on the reconciliation efforts with the two neighboring brothers, finally succeeded in signing the peace agreement between the two sides.

Elders from both parties have unanimously agreed that there will be no further conflict between the brothers.

The Tawfik signatories were

1. Ugaas Abdullahi Mohamed Nur

2. Nabadoon Hasan Abdi Nur

3. Nabadoon Rasas Umar Nur

The Af Barwaqo signatories were

1. Nabadoon Abdullahi Jama Dhere

2. Nabadoon Ahmed Mohamed Cali

3. Hasan Dhuh Ali.

The two clans had clashes for weeks and the death toll is not accounted for as they were fighting in rural regions in Mudug, the Somalia military apparatus played a crucial role in securing peace in the conflict.

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