UCID criticizes Somaliland government’s yearly progress report

Hargeisa (SD) – UCID party press secretary Yusuf Keyse Abdullahi has criticized the Somaliland government for lack of progress on its year-long performance and presenting the report on social media platform.

The Somaliland government previously presented its yearly report to the independent media and to opposition parties.

He also criticized the Ministry of Health’s failure to declare a large number of diseases in the country due to lack of food and quality medicine.

“They say they have met with the international community, since the government framed the meetings as an achievement, I would like to tell the president that he should take their advice as well.” He added.

The UCID Information secretary said Somaliland has become a haven for rubbish, without assessing the quality of medicines and foods and as a result the country is hit with many diseases.

The UCID party was responding to a President Bihi’s government’s report on this year’s activities.

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