Tensions are high in Dhusamareb

Dhusamareb (SD) – Reports from Dhusamareb town, the headquarters of Galgadud region, say that there is tension between the federal government of Somalia and Ahlu Sunna leadership.

The dispute is based on the formation of Galmudug state, especially in the Federal Government’s electoral process, and the leadership of Ahlu Sunna is against it, as the Federal Government of Somalia administers the election of Galmudug state.

The Galmudug Electoral Commission, appointed by the government, announced this week, the process of selecting parliamentarians, which were rejected by top Ahlu Sunna leaders.

While the conflict remains, the federal government insists that the elections will be held in a timely manner, which it laid out. The government has also tightened security in the major cities of Galgaduud region, particularly Dhusamareb district, by deploying additional troops, and prohibiting meetings that security agencies didn’t approve before they are held.

The move, which has been interpreted as a move by the government to impose the leadership of Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a in line with Villa Somalia’s handling of the Galmudug election.

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