Tensions over Puntland’s local council set up in Buhodle

Buhodle(SD)-The announcement from Buhoodle’s local council by Puntland  created tensions in Buhodle district, as many clans were left out.

The building of this council has been the beginning of a series of disagreements as this district had a local council built by the Khatumo administration and carried out many activities in the city.

The Puntland Minister of Interior and other members of the government  moved on after announcing the Council, without waiting for the comments of the complaining clans and that is why there is a question mark in the future of Buuhoodle’s new local council.

Some of the existing local councilors who spoke to the media referred to the new council as a drama in which Puntland wanted to disrupt security.

Meanwhile, Somaliland who also has a regional, and military administration in the district in Buhodle sees this as an outright interference and provocation and vowed to respond.

The question that people are asking is how much local council will Buhodle have, with two now, one in Somalia and one in Somaliland currently under construction.

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