Deni and James Swan discuss in getting the TFG and Jubaland closer

Garowe(SD)-The UN Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador James Swan, met with Puntland President Said Deni in Garowe, where he also met with of the Government Cabinet.

During the meeting they discussed political, economy and security, as it concluded the President of Puntland and the UN Representative held a joint press conference.

“We discussed how to make the Federal Government and the regional members could improve cooperation, especially the Jubbaland issue, which has been a real challenge for while and I look forward to the efforts of the international community, the efforts of the Somali people and the efforts of Puntland will continue to be fruitful. ”said Mr. Deni.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, Mr James Swan, praised Puntland’s great progress on all sides.

“These are strong examples of Puntland’s commitment to economic and social development as well as the implementation of a democratic system, which I greatly appreciate. During our visit to Puntland we highlighted the importance of peace and security for the community. We commend Puntland for its operations against al-Shabaab, ”Swan said.

In the end, the United Nations envoy to Somalia praised the Puntland president for his efforts to bring the federal and regional governments closer together, citing the Garowe conference in May.

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