Tensions rise over an arrest of a Somaliland commander in Sool

Lasanod (SD) – Reports from Sool region, especially in the outskirts of the district, which falls under the control of Las Anod, say that there is tension among the Somaliland forces there.

The tension followed the arrest of the deputy commander of Somaliland’s Sector seven forces in Lasanod Ibrahim Ashkir.

Residents of Goja Adde told local media that troops are outraged by the arrest of a deputy commander.

The order to arrest the deputy commander is said to have been given by the Sector Commander Col Mahad Ambaashe.

The arrest of the deputy commander is said to have frustrated his fellow soldiers and demand that he be released or else threatened war.

There is a large Somaliland army contingent in Sool, due to the region being constantly targeted by Puntland forces, who claim the teretory falls under their tribal jurisdiction.

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