US ambassador to Somalia held meetings with regional presidents

Mogadishu (SD) – US Ambassador to Somalia Don Yamamoto met with four Somali regional leaders in Nairobi, and they discussed how to overcome political obstacles in Somalia.

Don Yamamoto discussed with the Somali leaders about the importance of dialogue and compromise in resolving Somalia’s political disputes.

Ambassador Yamamoto met with President Ahmed Madobe and discussed the fight against al-Shabaab, strengthening the relationship between the federal and state governments and the importance of all Somalis in working together to promote peace and security.

Ambassador Yamamoto also met with Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni and discussed with him United States’ support for Puntland’s Security Forces, and the importance of national elections, regional development, and the urgent need for cooperation and dialogue with the Federal Government and its Member States.

Also, the ambassador met with President Abdulaziz Hassan Mohamed “Laftagareen, discussing security and development cooperation in Lower Shabelle, the Ambassador urged President Laftagareen to continue efforts in uniting the SFG and its member states, and to tackle important national issues, such as debt forgiveness and upcoming elections.

Ambassador Yamamoto finally met with President Mohamed Abdi Ware and discussed the importance of strengthening US-Somalia cooperation against al-Shabaab and working with AMISOM, the ambassador advised the importance of working together in Somalia’s goals.

The Somalia state leader who met Ambassador Yamamoto did not brief the media about their meeting with the US diplomat.

Its not clear if they had an agenda of their own or proposed ways in medigating Somalia’s political stand still. 

The Somali leader seem to able to talk to others easily about their issues, but are for some reason not able to talk directly with each other.

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