The Senate has amended the Somaliland regional and district laws

Hargeisa (SD)- The Somaliland House of Elders today passed the Provincial and Local Government Act which they also amended and updated after it passed the House of Representatives.

The Senate has further amended the House of Representatives amendments to the provincial and municipal laws. The Senate made 16 amendments to this law, Class C districts promoted to B, namely Ainaba, Taleh and Balligubadle, the number of councilors that can topple Mayors, which used to be fifty plus one, has now been increased to two-thirds.

Some of the other amendments included when the local council’s term of office ended, there was no body to extend their term, and the Senate could extend their term from now on, as other councils.

They also amended that the councilors have immunity while the House of Representatives removed the council’s immunity except for the mayor and his deputy.

In recent times a number of laws passed by the House of Representatives have been repealed by the Senate, while some have amended them.

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