Ethiopia announces its navy will be based in Djibouti, as Guelleh leverages accesses to the Red Sea

Addis Ababa (SD) – Ethiopia is building its first navy base in Djibouti, after a long speculation on where, according to Ethiopian local media.

The Ethiopian government announced last year that it would re-build a strong navy that would have presence in the Red Sea, despite the country being landlocked.

The Ethiopian Navy was disbanded after the country lost access to its base in Massawa in 1996, due to Eretria succeeding from Ethiopia in 1991.

Abey Ahmed since he came to power have been cording Djibouti’s Guelleh in getting a base in that country according to local media.

Ethiopia’s main Navy base will be in their country at Bahir Dar and will get its funding from the French government.

This stablishes Djibouti as a major hub for foreign armies in the horn, and stablishing that governments long term dictatorial ambitions, as these foreign and regional forces will be leveraged politically.

Dissidents from Djibouti and the political ambitions of the countries in the horn, such as Somaliland have a dynamic to contest with, as Guelleh wields yet another regional power.

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