The UN accuses Ethiopia of distributing weapons to regional administrations

NY(SD)-The UN Monitoring Group has declared that regional administrations in Somalia have obtained illegal weapons from Ethiopia, while Somalia is still under arms control.

The committee’s report for 2019, which received specific documents confirming that the Ethiopian government-owned Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) has provided ammunition and ammunition to all regional administrations in Somalia.

The commission said this has not been the case this year alone, but has been in the last decade.

The Commission says that although Article 11 of the 2111 resolution allows countries in the world to provide weapons to Somali security agencies outside the federal government, they must first obtain approval from the commission. The Ethiopian government has never asked for permission, the report said.

Meanwhile, the committee praised the government conditions that often hoggaansantay partially removed from the arms embargo, despite repeatedly failing.

“In five of the seven cases the government has notified the commission of the weapons, they meet the requirements of the Security Council,” the statement said.

The report implies that Ethiopia is a friend and a foe, when it comes to Somalia politics.

In giving weaponry and political support to the Somalia sides, which speaks to the long term Ethiopian interest in under minding Somalia.

What is more concerning is both the federal government and the regional states do not see that the Ethiopian government hell bent on under minding the Somali people of all political stripes.


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