As SOLJA is Exposed, Somaliland journalists call for a conference

Mogadishu(SD)-The SOLJA leader is accused of playing with the Somaliland government and is now against freedom of expression.

Recently, SOLJA leadership Mohamud Huto has reversed and span the reasons Hadhwanaag reporters fled their homeland in Hargeisa.

Huto was seen defending the Somaliland government calling the it peaceful country and any journalist how claims it’s so are not telling the truth.

The truth is the Hadhwanaag news reporters and others who fled Hargeisa never claimed Somaliland was not safe, rather, presented the heavy handedness of Somaliland government when it comes to freedom of speech.

The Somaliland female journalist also expressed their disapproval of Mr. Huto, and underlined that he doesn’t know his job.

The Somaliland female journalist also mentioned the need to replace him with new leadership or threatened to create their own activist group.

Likewise, Journalist in Burao, have also called for Huto to step down or face the prospect of divided SOLJA, as they expressed their desire to have their own association.

The Somaliland Journalist vowed to contact international agencies that fund SOLJA and others who are freedom of speech defenders in order to expose SOLJA’s leadership. 

In recent Months as Huto became the mouth piece for the Somaliland government, the Somalia journalist associations, such as FESOJ, have stepped up in representing Somaliland freedom of expression.

A Prospect that should concern Somaliland journalism advocates who have spent a lot of time establishing their own independent associations. 

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