The Upper House adopts amendments to Somalia’s media law

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali upper house has today approved the controversial Media Law Amendment Bill.

Amendments to the Press Law have gone through several stages, with the success of removing articles that were considered a threat to the existence of an independent media body is seen as a success.

In July, last year, the National Assembly passed the bill, which will go into effect when it is signed by the president.

The Chairman of the Committee on Development, Social Services, Human Affairs, Information and Culture in the Upper House of the Senate, Senator Ahmed Omar has read the bill in the House before the House.

Minister of Information Hon Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye along with a crew of ministry officers appeared before the Upper House to speak to the law.

The Senate, the Human Services, the Humanities, Information and Culture Committee of the Upper House passed the 3rd reading of the Media Law Amendment Bill.

The Upper House has passed this bill. Approved by 23 Senators, Denied by 3 Senators, Silenced 1 Senator.

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