Traditional leader’s New Unification Push and its Links to President Bihi

Hargeisa (SD) – In the last few days, the Somaliland traditional leaders were seen discussing their role in Somalia and Somaliland talks.

The traditional leaders of the three main Isaak tribes were not only demanding they be included in the process, but while in Hargeisa were promoting the previously dangerous greater Somalia agenda.

Their promotion coincided with the news that Ethiopian PM Abey Ahmed’s new proposal to have Somalia’s PM Hassan Kheyre to represent the Federal Government, instead of President Farmajo, a somewhat controversial figure to Isaaks, the ruling majority of Somaliland.

Similar conversations is been had among the Somaliland expatriates who prior to their change of heart were hardened SNM supporters.

The Muse Bihi led Somaliland Government has been quiet on the subject except for the deputy foreign affairs minister, who levied an empty threat.

The Somaliland President has reportedly spoken with PM Kheyre about the Ethiopian leader’s proposal, neither gave details of their conversation.

The traditional leaders that spoke out in support of the talks and perhaps a reunification prospect are aligned with the Kulmiye ruling party.

Both Somaliland political insiders and sources close to the Isaak Sultanate, indicated to somalidispatch.com that President Bihi is behind the latest bush for the Talks and a possible Hargeisa visit by PM Kheyre.

President Bihi is reportedly eying portion of Somalia’s developmental funds, promised when he comes back to the table for reunification talks.

Its not clear whether the Somali Federal Government excepted the Ethiopian PM’s proposal.

Presidents Bihi and Farmajo met in Addis Ababa in February 11, 2020, the meeting and a proposed Farmajo visit to Hargeisa was met with anger and was subsequently cancelled.

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