Turkish Postal Service to deal with Somaliland as a country

The Turkish government’s postal agency (Ptt) has included Somaliland in its identified countries it delivers goods to.

The news of the Turkish Agency’s acknowledgement of Somaliland as a country, spread on social media like a wildfire.

One could choose Somaliland from the Turkish post website, just like every other country in the world.

Turkey, a close ally of the Mogadishu Government, never dealt with Somaliland as an independent entity, and was always a staunch supporter of Somalia Unity.

It’s not clear if this is a signal that Turkey is about to change the way it engages with Somaliland, but, for now it is a political step forward.

The Somalia government did not react to the Turkish Postal agency’s declaration Of Somaliland as a nation yet.

Ptt is a Turkish governmental body, and is mainly responsible for postal and telecommunications.

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