UCID chairman contradicts himself on loosing intellectuals to Mogadishu

Hargeisa (SD) – The leader of the UCID opposition party Eng. Faysal Ali Warabe has accused Somaliland’s current leadership of destroying the hopes of the educated young people in the country.

The chairman who was speaking to students who were honoring him for his contributing to their education said that the Somali government has taken advantage of the Somaliland scholars who are flocking to Mogadishu.

“The nation is represented by its leadership, if the leadership is bad then the people are bad, and if you take the leadership by force, then you will fail and that is what we have today.” said the chairman.

Also, chairman Faisal highlighted the most pressing issues that Somaliland can’t overcome last few years.

“The worst thing the country is facing today is the lack of education, and there are many young people who have been educated abroad and when they are not recruited, they go to Mogadishu, we focus on tribal allegiances rather then education” said the chairman.

The UCID Chairman also contradicted himself by saying” the parties only get job seeking individuals from the diaspora” indicating his leadership flaws, in retaining talent.

UCID leader is remembered for his campaign against Jamal Ali Hussein, the ousted UCID presidential candidate, who is an intellectual from the US, given this record its ironic the Chairman is accusing the country’s leadership for not utilizing the educated Somalilanders.

Most notable point is that the current deputy PM of Somalia Mahdi Hussein was UCID official prior to excepting his current position in Mogadishu.

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