Borama mayor accused of discrimination by a worker

Borama (SD) – Mohamed Abdi Hashi (Dini), a sixty-year-old who has worked for the city of Borama for years, said the mayor of Borama, Saleban Hassan Hadi, had sacked him for his tribal affiliation.

The 60-year-old, who spoke to the media, said he joined Borama’s local  government in 1975, and is one of 550 employees who work for the municipality.

Mohamed Dini noted that the mayor of Borama is discriminating against him because he doesn’t belong to the Gadabursi clan, as he is from Abudwak district in Galgadud region.

The victim who is a father, said in tears that Borama’s mayor held his salary for seven months, and has targeted him.

Mohamed Dini had requested he be compensated and directly appealed to Borama’s residents in standing with him against discrimination.

The mayor hasn’t responded to the allegations yet, this being the most discussed item in the local media today.

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