UCID: We will not work with the new election committee, even though we’ve appointed a representative

Hargeisa(SD)-With the return of UCID Chairman in Hargeisa, the opposition were hoping for leadership one way or the other, no such luck.

Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe was as wishy-Washy as ever on everything that mattered.

For one thing, he couldn’t give a clear answer as to whether he indorsed the party’s nominee getting approved on commision he declared they wouldn’t work.

“I don’t control our nominee and it’s up to him whether he wants to resign or stay, but we won’t work with the commission he is a member of” said the Chairman to a dismayed supporters and reporters.

UCID and specifically their Chairman have been milking a pretend patriotism policy for years now, and as passes it’s expiry date, the chairman is out ideas.

 As long as one is okay in going along the dizzying double talk of the UCID Chairman you are good to go, even though with that, one hardly gets anywhere in politics.

The Somalilanders deserve a party that speaks for them and not one that seems to serve no one including the leadership, and more importantly doesn’t insult their intelligence.

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