UN announces ongoing high-level talks between Somalia and Somaliland

New York (SD) – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, speaking at a Security Council meeting on Somalia, announced that talks are ongoing between Somalia and Somaliland.

James Swan said that discussions are high-level, and that the two parties have a constant relationship. adding that both sides want to advance the negotiations.

“In regard to Somalia-‘Somaliland’ relations, we are encouraged that dialogue is ongoing at senior levels and that both sides have indicated a willingness to maintain communication and pursue further discussions.” Said UN Representative.

Swan did not provide further details, and it is unclear who is involved and what the topics of discussion are.

The UN Representative announcement comes days after Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi called Somalia enemy of Somaliland.

“We are enemies, the only enemy we have is Somalia, the only government that refuses to recognize us, ”said Muse Bihi, President of Somaliland.

Somali and Somaliland are yet to comment on the UN Representative’s announcement to the Security Council, claiming that the two sides are having what seems to be an undisclosed talks.

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  1. It’s irritating annoying and unacceptable to hear somali and somaliland it’s one country and one people. One tribe can’t High jack the destiny of the people in the North. Historical lies and created stories for younger generation. Stop the nonsense the nonsense

  2. Mr Shah, “good man”, but your words are fundamentally wrong and haven’t any legal status whatsoever. What type of history are you talking about now? I strongly advise you to study and read more & more old and modern history of the world. It is not our business if every tribe of Southern Somalia is entitled of its own so-called a regional government “maamul.” Shame on you and rethink. There is a Somali proverb which says: look before you leap, if you guess, you are lost (inta aanad wax fallin, marka hore ka fiirso, haddiise aad malayso waad Luntay). Thanks proff Shah (Mahadsanid walaal Shah)

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