UN Secretary-General welcomes Somaliland and Somalia talks

NY(SD)-UN Secretary-General António Guterres presents his three-month report on the Somali affairs to the UN Security Council.

He spoke in part the Somaliland-Somalia talks, and pointed out that significant progress has been made in restarting the talks.

“Somaliland president launched a two-month emergency law on three districts in Sanaag region on June 25, after tribal wars persisted there, and about 18 people died.” said Mr. Guterres.

Commenting on the Somaliland-Somalia dialogue, António Guterres said “There has also been little progress in restarting Somalia-Somaliland talks during the preparation of this report, on 25 June the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue organized a meeting to review an international facilitation effort between the two parties. On July 17, President Farmajo announced the reconciliation and negotiations committee of Somaliland to prepare the way for dialogue and to lead the co-operation of the federal government. Immediately, Somaliland issued a communiqué declaring its commitment, rejecting the Somali federal government’s approach to the commission. ” said Mr. Guterres.

The UN Secretary-General also said in Somaliland, especially in Las Anod, a journalist was arrested for interviewing locals who opposed the arrest of a member of parliament, and said he was sentenced to three years in Hargeisa. also a journalist accused of broadcasting fake news was arrested.

The Secretary-General said that Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi pardoned 557 prisoners for minor offenses during Ramadan and the 18th May.

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