UN Security Council Report indicates that nepotism killed FAO project intended for Somaliland

NY(SD)-UN Security Council accuses the Somaliland Ministry of Agriculture of interfering with the FAO’s World Agriculture program for Somaliland farmers.

The United Nations says a 10,000 tonnes of fertilizer and Seeds were to be distributed to Somaliland farmers in 2018, but was has stopped, after the Somaliland Ministry of Agriculture recommended to give the project to businessmen rather then the intended framers.

“In January 2018, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) launched a project in Somaliland to import and supply farmers with 10,000 tons of seeds and fertilizers by May 2018.

In February 2018, FAO selected 20 agro-traders to import the material, who were then approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of Somaliland. However, the Ministry declined to provide all but one of the approved traders with clearance letters and import permits.

The Ministry and FAO subsequently reached an agreement that four of the agro-traders would be allowed to import the materials but, in May and June 2018, the Ministry again blocked the importation by refusing to supply three of the four agreed-upon traders with permits.

A proposal to allow the Ministry’s preferred agro-trader to import and distribute the entire 10,000 tons of seeds required for the project was rejected by FAO. 135.

In June 2018, FAO sent a comprehensive letter to the Ministry of Agriculture regarding concerns over the Ministry’s interference in the project. Owing to obstruction by the Ministry, the seeds and fertilizers were not imported in time for the agricultural season and, consequently, FAO cancelled the project in July 2018″ said the FOA report.

Sources close to the businessmen who were involved in the biting told us that Muse Bihi preferred a trader from his clan to benefit from the project. 

In return that businessman would use some of the fertilizers and seeds would go among others to Muse Bihi’s farms.

This is a blatant disregard for the country’s needs and the rights of comertial laws of Somaliland.

It is also a prove that the Somaliland government will rather cancel Support to Somalilanders then to let contracts go to the intended farmers.

If this isn’t a perfect example of preferential treatment of the worse kind, no one knows what is.

Insider anticipate that these kinds of conduct from the top is what adds fuel to the political fires that are being stoked.


As a result the Food Agency canceled the project in July 2018. “


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