US ambassador visits Puntland

Bossaso (SD) – The President of the Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, in Bossaso, the commercial capital of Puntland, received US Ambassador Donald Yamamoto, at the Presidential Palace in Bossaso.

The president and the ambassador discussed issues including the relationship between Puntland and the United States, the fight against terrorism, the general political situation in Somalia and the debt relief.

Yamamoto’s trip will be his second visit to Puntland, the US ambassador visited Puntland similarly last year.

Puntland is one of the federal states strongly opposing the federal government, particularly in the process of the next election.

The US ambassador didn’t give details of his trip to the media as of yet, the speculations are that it had to do with the rift between Puntland and the federal government of Somalia.

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