US announces re-opening embassy in Mogadishu

Mogadishu(SD)-The US embassy in Somalia said today that their embassy in Mogadishu was officially re-established.

The US embassy in Somalia was closed on January 5, 1991, when the Somali central government collapsed, but the United States re-established its diplomatic mission in December last year.

In a statement, the opening of the embassy was being witnessed by US Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto.

Yamamoto said the move to re-establish the embassy “will reaffirm the bilateral relationship between the United States and Somalia, It is a historic milestone, a testament to Somalia’s progress in recent years this is another step in maintaining US diplomatic relations with Mogadishu since the government of Somalia in 2018 has been recognized.”

Yamamoto has promised that the US will continue to be a strong partner in order to help looga building a stable and democratic.

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