Prime Minister Closes Somalia Cooperation Conference In Mogadishu

Mogadishu(SD)-The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khayre closed the conference on Somalia co-operation which was attended by representatives of the international community, international organizations and more than 50 governments.

At the end of the Conference, a press release detailed the need for a political consensus, a path to economic, security, justice, progress and cooperation for future development of the country and it’s people, and the use of the international community support will be based on national roadmap.

Mr. Hassan Ali Khayre said at the conference that co-operation with the leaders of the country has led to progress of change, stability, governance and the reform agenda jointly supported by the Somali people and friends globally, which has restored hope to the Somali people.

All officials who gave speeches at the meeting agreed that significant progress has been made since the pre-2018 conference was held, and it was agreed to work together to maintain progress.

International partners acknowledged the success of Somalia, praised the country’s leadership for its progress on reforms including the administration of public finance, revenues, consultations on the new national plan, security reform, the success of counter-terrorism operations and the promotion of social services and reconciliation.

The Prime Minister made it clear that Somali youth, the largest demographic in society, are ready to take part in developing the country, women and people with special needs are ready to participate in politics, eliminating the old tradition that national politics should be led by small groups.

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