US to Increase Support to the Republic of Somaliland

Hargeisa July 23,2019(SD)-The United States is extending its support to the Republic of Somaliland to play a role in working with the Horn of Africa nation.

This according to a report published by the East African Business Week newspaper.

A delegation led by US Ambassador to Somaliland and Somalia Donald Yamamoto met with President of Somaliland Muse Bihi on Thursday.

The two discussed various issues including Somaliland’s economic growth, security in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland cooperation, particularly in the areas of development, trade and good governance.

“We have agreed to work together in close cooperation with the United States and the world,” Bihi said.

The East African Business Week newspaper reported that the Somaliland government that regained its independence from Somalia in 1991 established a democracy and was rapidly attracting foreign investment due to its strategic location.

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