Violence erupts at a football match in Burao

Burao (SD) –   One soldier has died, and three other civilians have been injured in violence at a football stadium in Burao.

The violence erupting at Allamsey’s football stadium in Burao on Saturday night were fans of two clubs clashed, as a result, police fired shots, killing one soldier, injuring three other people, including Captain Fuad of the Adan Saleban station, all of whom are being treated at the hospital in Burao.

Burao is notorious for its tribal divisions and its not yet known if the tribal lines had contributed to the violence.

Details about the teams and their fans are also not known.

The Somaliland authorities have not yet gave details of the violence or updates on how to deal with issue.

Most football matches in Burao are rocked by rioting crowds, which threaten the security of the stadium.

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