Wadani leadership missing in Action ever since the latest political upheaval in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Opposition party leader Abdirahman Irro has not been relevant ever since the Party’s officials were abducted by the government, and since their release from Mandhera.

For the Wadani party leader to keep quiet about the kidnaping of the party’s officials was bad enough, what is even worse is that he hasn’t been relevant since their release.

The party officials and supporters are perplexed at the leader’s behavior, speculating that they were wrong in electing him.

This is the most unpopular Somaliland government by far, making things worse, a crippling political vacuum in leadership.

It took International efforts in securing the release of the recently kidnaped party officials, and there are more officials arrested just today.

On its own, Somaliland is facing backwards momentum in every aspect, as there are no plans for democratic election, freedom of speech is under attack and inflation has taken its worst toll on the public.

There is a looming political failure, as there is no vision forward and Somalia’s government is moving to isolate the country.

The Wadani party leader, Mr. Irro and his elk are not equipped to lead the country out of these and more serious issues, they should step aside and give the progressives in the party a shot, history will reward them for their patriotism.

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