Wadani Party withdraws from Somaliland’s election agreement

Hargeisa(SD)-Wadani party leader Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan said Wadani party have withdrawn from the Somaliland’s three party and the international community agreement on elections, after Kulmiye’s government Abandoned the agreement.

It is a bit laughable that a President signed agreement with the two opposition chairmen of the parties with the help of the international partners is rejected by a lawyer, the house lawyer can give legal opinions, and it is the house that can either pass or defeat the motion.” said Mr. Hersi

The Wadani party declared that as of today their not pound by the three party agreement, and that the Kulmiye is responsible for the death of the motion.

The Wadani decision comes after the Somaliland house of Representatives killed the motion to increase the number of the election committee to nine.


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