“We Would Just Do What Muse Wants” Faisal Ali Warabe goes on a Bizarre Tirade Against Everything

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the UCID opposition party in Somaliland Faisal Ali Warabe, held a press conference in Hargeisa today, incoherently discussing the country’s current situation.

The Chairman, as usual hurled accusations at the Somaliland and Somalia Governments, the warring tribes in Sanag, the religious leaders of the country and Ethiopia, at times contradicted himself within a sentence.

“If you can’t rule the country “Kulmiye” create a broad-based, inclusive government, Somaliland can’t exist without elections. The president insisted to keep the local counselors, I would say they shouldn’t appropriate land, we would just do what Muse wants” said the chairman.

The UCID Chairman then started talking about the state of Somalis in the Horn of Africa, touting Somaliland being the best place to be if you’re Somali

“There is no better place for Somalia than Somaliland for Somalia. Djibouti is not safe for Somalis. You know the fifth chapter, you know the NFD, and there is no Somalia.” Said Faisal Ali.

The UCID Chairman also dismissed the religious leaders that spoke against Mosque closures in the country, siding Saudi religious degree that closed Mecca.

The Chairman also railed against Ethiopian imports such as Kat, Weed and Alcohol and street beggars, “ we are now regretting the peace pact we have with Ethiopia, they take all of our hard currency and all we get back is Drugs, beggars” he said.

Its unclear what the political purpose of the UCID Chairman’s press conference was, leaving people questioning his political sanity.

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