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Benadir Regional Court Chairman suspended for Releasing a Journalist

Mogadishu (SD) – There are reports indicating as to why Chairman of the Supreme Court of Bashe Yusuf Ahmed suspended Benadir Regional Court Governor Muse Moalim from office indefinitely.

Sources indicate to, that the Benadir Regional Court Governor Muse Moalim was relieved of his duties due to the fact he released journalist Abdiaziz Gurbiye from jail, against the will of the government.
The journalist was arrested after exposing Villa Somalia’s move to take a ventilator from one of Mogadishu’s quarantine Hospitals, Martini Hospital.

Chairman Muse Moalim has also recently fired two Benadir Justice Department officials who are close relatives of the Supreme Court Justice, Bashe Yusuf Ahmed, the fired officials have been found guilty of corruption and theft of public property.

The removal of the chairman of the Benadir regional court is said to be the result of a dispute between the chairman of the regional court and the chairman of the Supreme Court.

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