Why is Somaliland Government arming it’s self with illegal ammunition

Hargeisa(SD)-A report by the UN Security Council this month said that the Somaliland government buys illegal weapons regularly from a Ethiopian company called Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC).

This report details both previous and current violations of UN ban on selling arms to Somalia.

In the Somaliland situation, the buying of arms seems to coincide with election related turmoil in the country. Not to mention the militarization of the country.

The UN report is a troubling new development for a country that it’s opposition has concerns of deteriorating freedoms.

It’s long being said, the Muse Bihi Abdi presidency is gearing up to emulate so many African strongmen leadership and squash democracy.

Tensions are the heights with the opposition parties refusing to work with the new election committees, marginalized communities demanding better power sharing strategies and the Kulmiye coalition insisting on staying the course.

Somaliland for the first time has armed groups opposing the government, as reason as last week an Awdal region rebel group signed an agreement with the government, were in Sanag there are multiple groups that oppose the Somaliland governments. 

Below is a sample of end user certificate dated 28 September 2014, provided by the Somaliland administration to MetEC.

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