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Kenya Senate backs impeachment of Wajir governor

WAJIR (SD) – Members of the Kenyan senate have voted to remove Governor Wajir County Mohammed Abdi just a month after he was impeached by Wajir County members of Assembly.

The vote came after an 11-member Senate committee recommended the impeachment of Governor Wajir.

The panel found the governor guilty of a serious violation of the Constitution; County Government Acts, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal, and Public Financial Management.

The panel found that the MCA failed to substantiate the second allegation of abuse of office and gross misconduct.

The committee found that the governor violated the right to health protection of the people of Wajir County.

“The Commission found that the allegation was substantiated and therefore vindicated.

“The committee further found that the charges meet the threshold for impeachment of the governor under Article 181 of the Constitution,” the report reads in part.

According to the senate speaker, the impeachment secured more than 24 of the 47 elected senators needed to sustain the charge.

Abdi is expected to be replaced by his Deputy Ahmed Ali Muktar as the preparations for the swearing-in ceremony are in top gear.

Abdi became the third governor to be removed from office due to impeachment.

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