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Military court sentences Six policemen for murder of Ex-Hodan DC

MOGADISHU (SD) – A military court in Mogadishu slapped six police officers with two to five years in prison for the assassination of Hodan’s district commissioner Abdihakim Dhagajuun in January this year.

The court ruled that the five police officers had jointly took part in the killing of Dhagajuun in the early morning hours of January 21.

 According to Somali police, the deceased was sprayed with bullets at about 1am on the day of the material at a crossroads between Howlwadag and Warta Nabad in Mogadishu.

Holwadag Police Command Colonel Shuaib Abdi Mohamed was found not guilty for the intentional killing of late commissioner but was found guilty of being careless.

He was imprisoned for five years alongside a fugitive police officer, Bashir Ahmed Abdi.

Three others including Jamal Isaq Ali, Dhiblawe Ibrahim Yusuf, Farah Sabriye Afrah and Kulmi Kariye Ali, all members of the Somali Police Force were sentenced a two-year jail term according to the court.

The deceased had survived a car bomb attack and was flown to Turkey for treatment only to be killed upon returning home.

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