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17 Somalis jailed in Oman for piracy land in Bossaso

BOSSASO (SD) – Reports from Bossaso town in the semi-autonomous state of Puntland confirm that a group of Pirates jailed in Oman arrived in Bossaso.

The men, mostly teenagers, were detained in Oman for more than 12 years after a court sentenced them to life in prison.

The release of the men follows efforts by the Somali embassy in Oman, and other Somali youths are still being held in that country on piracy charges.

Many Somalis accused of piracy, migration, smuggling and other crimes are in prisons around the world.

Bari Regional Police Commander Abdulkadir Jama Dirir said they were happy for the citizens to return to their homeland, saying they expected them to raise awareness about the problem.

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