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Somaliland traders to stop importing qat from Ethiopia

HARGEISA (SD) – Khat traders in Somaliland announced that they’re to completely stop importing khat from Ethiopia, as Oromos have hiked prices.

A spokesman for Khat traders said that as of July 6, they will import the stimulant from Yemen and Kenya.

“The Oromo growers hiked informed us that a kilo of Khat will costs $10, from $2. As of today, we have stopped importing Khat from Ethiopia and we are ordering it from Kenya and Yemen,” said the spokesperson.

Adding that they have consulted with Somaliland government.

“We have discussed our decision with the Ministry of Finance, including customs, that no one can import khat from Ethiopia after July 6th.”

They also said that Ethiopia had asked them to buy khat in dollars, which they said would damage Somaliland’s economy, and that the Oromos have threatened to import Khat to Somaliland, bypassing local traders.

The Somaliland and Ethiopian governments have not yet commented on the matter.

Khat poses an economic, health and cultural burden to Somali communities everywhere, it is also said to cost communities hard currencies that could be invested in community development.

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