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Jamame (SD) -A\l-Shabab militants have shot dead six civilians accused of spying for the federal government of Somalia in Jamame district in Lower Jubba region.

The group gathered hundreds of people and forced them to watch the shooting; the group accused the executed men working closely with the federal government intelligence (NISA) and regional government’s security forces.

The executed men identified as Aden Adan, Adan Abdullahi Haji, Osman Abdulle Afrah, Hassan Hafow Saney, Ali Madkerow and Hilowle Bashir Adan.

On 26th January 2020, Al-Shabab has publicly executed Muse Hussein Siyad 31 years old, who was accused of a member of the United States-trained Brigade, Hussein Mohamed Abdi Arsal 20 years old accused of been a member of Jubaland Forces in Bar Sanguni. Faliir Yaro Ali 75 years old accused of working with the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in Hosingow area of Lower Juba region lastly shoot at Kasuma Village

Al-Shabab has also carried out various killings by people accused of having links with the Somali government.

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