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More Rape Cases in Lower Shabelle

Mogadishu (SD) – Reports from Lower Shabelle indicate that four little Girls were raped in two different cities of that region and that one of the girls died of injuries related to the rape.

The rapes were committed by a militia that has a road block set up on the main road that connects Luuq and Yaqbariyow, according to locals.

The Girls raped were traveling when the militias removed all four girls from the Vehicles they were riding in, one of the girls who was 13 years was later reported to have died of injuries sustained during the rape.

The other three are currently being treated at a hospital in Baidoa, Bay region, officials in the Southwestern administration told local media.

The deputy head of security and politics for the Lower Shabelle region, Abdi Ahmed Yusuf, said an investigation is underway and the administration will soon release a comprehensive report.

He also said that some of the attackers were arrested, while others are been pursued.

In recent days there has been an increase in rape cases in the Lower Shabelle region, and similar incidents have already taken place in Afgoye and Janale towns.

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